Whether you are planning for your wedding and want onsite personalization, or an entertainment company planning for your annual corporate holiday event, or luxury services who wish to elevate your guests and VIP guests' in store experiences, we are here to help you realize your unique event's truest potentials by offering one of kind hand lettered, hand etched  personalization on the product of your brand/event. Explore with us the possibilities of the variety of surfaces we work on to bring your customization to life! 

We take in-studio projects and commission pieces and work with you to complete your project on time and within your budget. With the holidays around the corner, we specialize in onsite corporate and luxury live events in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area as well as the larger region of southern California. And as long as we're available for your event date(s), we're open to travel in-state and out-of-state with allocated travel and/or accommodation fees. 

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Chinese calligraphy is written with black ink and a specific kind of Chinese calligraphy brush. This art form is widely popular around the Lunar New Year to write couplets or on red envelopes. This can be paired with pointed pen calligraphy. 

chinese calligraphy


Using specific acrylic paints that dry fast and very small sized brushes, we can create romantic and beautiful floral paintings to your fragrance or wine bottles. This can be paired with lettering or engraving on the bottles for personalization.

bottle painting


The elegance of pointed pen calligraphy is written with ink and is one of the most ancient and beautiful forms of the English language. Brush lettering is a more modern and fun approach to lettering using brush pens. 

calligraphy &
brush lettering


Engraving is etching into hard surfaces such as glass like wine bottles and fragrance bottles, creating a long-lasting personalized keepsake gift. We also offer hot foiling on leather products which are also permanent and unique to each.

engraving &
leather foiling


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Paper- place cards, name & note cards, envelopes, stationary, menus, certificates, etc.
Glass- glassware, wine & liquor bottles, fragrance bottles, candle holders, etc. 
Metal & aluminum- coated or uncoated, stainless steel bottles, tumblers, metal tags, etc.
Acrylic & plastic- make-up & skincare products, ornaments, etc. 
Ceramic, marble & stone- vases, mugs, coasters, place cards, etc. 
Leather goods- including real and faux leather; handbags, wallets, luggage tags, notebook covers, etc. 
Unique surfaces- seashells, rocks, rubber, wood, tote bags..... bring on the challenge! 

Onsite Live Events & Brand Activations


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Place cards/ escort cards
Table numbers
Envelope addressing
Signages/ menus
Quotes and vows
Custom calligraphy designs
Engraving and bottle painting

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